Depositing Dual Assets (Symmetric Liquidity)

This is the easiest method to add assets as liquidity through the El Dorado interface to start earning yield on your native crypto assets.

  1. Visit El Dorado Website and press the "Enter El Dorado" or "Launch App" button.

  1. Click "Connect Wallet".

  1. Select the wallet and chains you wish to connect with, enter your password then click "Connect".

  1. Click the "Earn" Tab, then click "Add".

  1. Change the Layer 1 assets you would like to provide and enter in the amounts you would like to deposit.

  1. Click "Deposit" to provide dual asset liquidity.

Once the transaction has completed, you start earning yield when swaps are processed in the pools you provided liquidity too. If you want to view your LP position on El Dorado click "View Wallet" in the top right and your current LP positions will be shown.

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