How to create a new Keystore wallet

How to set up a new Maya Keystore wallet using El Dorado

  1. Visit El Dorado Website and press the "Enter El Dorado" or "Launch App" button.

  1. On the top right corner press the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet.

  1. A pop-up will appear. Choose "Create new wallet".

  2. Create a password to encrypt your Keystore. Make sure it's a safe password that you can REMEMBER.

  1. Once you press create you'll be prompted to save your Keystore file on your computer. Choose a safe location and save.6- You'll be presented with a 12-words seed phrase. Make sure to write it down or save it somewhere safe.

If you lose your keystore or forget your password, the only way to recover your wallet is using the seed phrase. If you lose that too no one will be able to help you, and your funds may be lost forever. Do not ever share your seed phrase with anyone.

  1. Congratulations! Your wallet has been created and you can now interact with El Dorado and all Maya Protocol's Front Ends using your Keystore.

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