Meet the Explorers on the road to El Dorado

Coronado, BizDev Lead โ€” CryptoCoronado (named for Francisco Vรกzquez de Coronado, a 15thC explorer who sought El Dorado, the City of Gold) comes from a background of full time multichain bizdev, ops, and marketing in Web3. He has spent the past two years operating in THORChain adjacent multichain ecosystems and is excited to build breakout projects on Maya.

0xLeifErikson, Community Lead/Marketing Lead โ€” 0xLeifErikson comes from an Ops, Marketing, and Project Management background. He excels in writing copy, managing socials, budgeting/forecasting, walkthroughs, educational content, and has community experience as an admin for several Maya and THORChain-related projects.

0xMagellan comes from a security background, with 20 years of experience in both hardware and software security systems.

Vasco, CTO โ€” Vasco comes from a physics and computer science background. He has worked on various projects in the space in roles ranging from lead smart contract dev to project management. Vasco holds undergraduate and master's degrees from UPenn in Physics and Computer Science.

Yucatan Larry, Design Lead โ€” YL is a design wizard and seasoned DeFi builder. He puts his creative focus on designs for El Dorado and ponders what new territories can be explored.

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