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El Dorado Brand Guidelines and downloadable assets

The El Dorado Brand Assets provided on this page are copyrighted material. Be sure to read the following terms first before use. By downloading any of the files provided on this page, you confirm that you will only use it to the extent permitted by the terms detailed below:

What you may do:

You may use El Dorado's brand assets when:

  • ✅ Referring to El Dorado products and services

  • ✅ Linking to our official website or products, ie. "swap multi-chain assets or provide LP on El Dorado"

  • ✅ Announcing an official partnership or integration - only if you have official permission of approval by a qualified member of the El Dorado team (contact us on Discord).

What you may not do:

Protecting the El Dorado brand and enforcing it's use in situations for official product/ partnerships/ endorsements only is extremely important for the security of our users.

By downloading the Brand Assets provided on this page you agree to the following terms:

  • ❌ I will not alter or adapt El Dorado Brand Assets in anyway outside of the brand guidelines. Use the logos and other assets exactly as provided. Do not: - stretch or compress logo or wordmark - apply outline or shadows - modify or combine colors - change the typography - do not add any special effects

  • ❌ I will not create derivative names that imply official endorsement ie. creating a social media account called "El Dorado Support" or "El Dorado Exchange"

  • ❌ I will not use El Dorado Brand Assets to create digital or physical products (for sale or otherwise) without official permission from the El Dorado team, including but not limited to: - NFTs - Merchandise - Gifts - Other products

El Dorado Brand Guidelines

Download and read our official BrandBook and Guidelines

El Dorado Logos

Download the El Dorado Gold logo below .png:

El Dorado Logo Wordmark

Download the El Dorado Logo Wordmark below in .png:

El Dorado Typefaces

Purchase a license and Download Larken Typeface

Purchase a license and Download Neurial Grotesk Font Family

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