Frequently Asked Questions

What is El Dorado?

El Dorado is a full-suite personal finance solution for exchanging, storing, and growing value. We offer features commonly seen on centralized exchanges or banking platforms while allowing our users to own their private keys, and therefore have absolute control over their assets. No centralization, no censorship risk.

What powers El Dorado?

El Dorado's full suite personal finance solution started with a single backend: Maya Protocol. In Q1, 2024 we added Chainflip, followed by Rango and THORChain, enabling us to offer El Dorado users thousands of digital assets at top competitive rates.

Why did El Dorado start building on Maya?

Maya Protocol is furthering the vision of THORChain by expanding crosschain DeFi. Whereas THORChain links one "menu" of chains, Maya Protocol links a different, unique combination of chains. In addition, Maya seeks to build a native crosschain DeFi ecosystem with their programmable L1 "Aztec Chain", allowing the use of smart contracts, a feature that THORChain does not support.

With the Aztec, it will be feasible to utilize the same decentralized native swaps enabled by Maya/THORChain/Chainflip in a true money market ecosystem. This is a key pillar of the El Dorado roadmap: to build out beyond what is reachable by our individual backends.

As a frontend that will soon have as its backends Maya Protocol, THORChain, Chainflip and Rango, El Dorado will offer the benefits of all four to its users.

Does El Dorado charge a fee? And how much?

El Dorado uses a flat rate fee of 75 basis points on transactions. On our roadmap are membership options to reduce or eliminate these fees for our community.

What is the roadmap for El Dorado?

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