Simple, Sustainable Rewards

The $ELDO Token

The El Dorado token $ELDO will be a mechanism for distributing protocol revenues. Per our Revenue Model section, those revenue streams will be:

  1. Transaction Fees

  2. Node Revenue

  3. Incubation/Investment

Profit from our revenue streams (DEX fees, node income, and harvested investments) will be distributed on a regular (bi-weekly or monthly). The $ELDO tokens will act like fractional ownership of the El Dorado revenue model where 100% of the revenues generated are earned by token holders.

Inspired by Maya Protocol's $MAYA model, we have chosen to follow this design because it is simple, straightforward, sustainable, and most importantly predicated on our profitable business model.

Volume, transactions, and platform utilization will result in revenue sent to token holders on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We will be creating some calculators on how much revenue will be earned based on the amount of ELDO tokens you hold.


Is it a governance token?

  • No.

Will there be an airdrop?

  • Yes. For our eldorado.market power users.

What will $ELDO do?

  • 100% of El Dorado revenues will be distributed proportionally to $ELDO.

What are the revenues?

  • Currently, with @Maya_Protocol as our sole backend, revenues are in $CACAO.

  • When Chainflip is integrated (by March 6th), revenues will be $CACAO + $USDC.

  • When THORChain is integrated after that, $ELDO will be passively accumulating $CACAO + $USDC + $RUNE.

  • Further integrations will follow suit.

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