How to Use The Swap Interface

Perform Your First Swap

  1. Visit El Dorado Website and press the "Enter El Dorado" or "Launch App" button.

  1. On the top right corner press the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet.

  1. Select the wallet and chains you wish to connect with, enter your password then click "Connect".

  1. In the swap page, choose the Layer 1 assets you would like to swap to and from.

We have integrated Maya Protocol and Chainflip as backends to support our platforms functionality. Depending upon which Layer 1 assets you are swapping to and from, there could be multiple paths to make your swap. By default, the most optimal route will be chosen, but feel free to choose whatever route you would like to use.

  1. Enter the amount in the top field.

El Dorado now supports Custom Recipient addresses. By default, the wallet that is connected will receive the desired crypto asset. If you would like to send the received asset to another address, simply click the existing address then enter the custom recipient address.

  1. Press "Swap".

  2. A new tab will open showing the blockchain explorer to follow the status of your transaction.

  3. Once transaction is confirmed, go back to El Dorado, press "View Wallet" on the top right, refresh wallet, and you should see your updated balance.

For further assistance with creating a wallet, swapping, or providing liquidity, please visit El Dorado's Discord channel and open up a Support ticket in our Help Desk channel for assistance with issues.

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