💰Earning Yield with Savers

Note, Savers is not live yet.

What is Savers? Savers is a way for crypto users who want to earn single-sided yield on their favorite Layer 1 assets with no impermeant loss. Example: Deposit BTC, earn BTC How does Savers work?

Using Synthetics (Synths), users mint Synthetic assets that represent 1:1 ownership of the underlying Layer 1 asset. These Synths are then locked into a Savings Vault and users receive Saver Units that represent their ownership of the vault balance. Savers Guide

  1. Navigate to the Savers Page at https://app.eldorado.market/savers

  2. Click "Connect Wallet"

  1. Select the wallet and blockchains you would like to connect with then click connect

  1. Input the amount you like to deposit then click "deposit"

  1. Sign the transaction in your wallet. Now you are earning single-sided yield on your Layer 1 asset!

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